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Biography/ Discography

Ismaël Isaac (born Kaba Diakité Issiaka in 1966) is a reggae singer from Côte d'Ivoire. Born in Abidjan, his parents are from Ponondougou in the north of the country. He is strongly influenced by Bob Marley and Alpha Blondy. He was discovered on the Ivorian television show "First Chance"

Roots Harmonics Band – “Scandinavian Heavyweight Rockers” Roots Harmonics Band is the premier session and backing band in Scandinavia / Europe and it is with good reason they call themselves The Scandinavian Heavyweight Rockers. The band is a backing band, which means that they work with a lot of different artist from around the world.

Copenhagen:Loppen 8th october Christiania Copenhagen:Loppen 8th october Christiania 21h 00

Italie: Très Jolie 9th October 22h 00 Milan: Très Jolie 9th October 22h 00

Hamburg: Trafalgar Lounge 16th October 23h 00 Hamburg: Trafalgar Lounge 16th October 23h 00



Audio/ Guest Star: Soum Bill

Guest Star: Soum Bill

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